The museum is always looking for photos, documents, film recordings, literature and objects related to the history of Peenemünde, especially during the time of the Wehrmacht research stations. Without loans and donations from private people and institutions, we would not be able to carry out many projects. Therefore, the museum is grateful for the vast support that enriches its work.

One focus of the collections is legacies and memory pieces from former employees of the Peenemünde research sites and the forced labourers used here, as well as members of the regime’s labour service and soldiers. As the museum is constantly expanding and topically enhancing its collection with regards to future exhibitions and research plans, offers of new items are always welcome.

We are looking specifically for publications on all topics to do with Peenemünde’s history and German armaments from 1919 to 1945, in order to expand our library inventory.

If you would like to support the museum and if you have interesting material or information, please get in touch. Please do not send any materials without speaking to us first.