As an extracurricular place of learning, the museum is a destination for excursions, day hiking and school trips, as well as a platform for national and international school meetings. In accordance with its guiding principle, it offers different forms of education that are introduced in stories about the Peenemünde research stations and the Nazi armament programme for the creation of new, innovative long-range weapons, expand on important aspects and put topical expansion up for discussion.

The pedagogical offers include all age groups, various subjects and different levels of detail. Tours and learning offers in the form of workshops can be booked for an introduction to the key topic of the museum, which can also be expanded upon by more in-depth learning offers.


Topics covered in the museum are presented in a 90-minute tour. The tours take into consideration the respective prior knowledge from grade level 2 to secondary II level.

Insights into specific parts of exhibitions, the depot and the restoration workshop along with a material counter you can touch can be optionally provided.

For more than 30 participants, we recommend booking two parallel tours.

Introductory learning offers in the form of workshops

Pupils find out about the museum independently, but under instruction from the museum’s pedagogical staff in around 3 hours, thus gaining knowledge relevant to their syllabus.

The offers include a joint tour, work assignments in individual, partner or small group work, and a joint session where the results are gone over and presented with a subsequent assignment-based concluding discussion. Each learning opportunity has subgoals according to the capacity model.

During the concluding discussion, topics dealt with in the exhibitions are deconstructed from their specific historical context and their validity for our current society is discussed. Relation to the present also emerges in the additional opportunity of examining the example of historical discoveries in the area of the contaminated munition and armament sites in Peenemünde. At a material counter in the seminar room or museum depot, pupils can touch selected artefacts.

In-depth learning offers

To supplement the introductory offers or during a repeated visit, the museum offers a variety of in-depth learning opportunities that can be discussed and agreed individually.

In the sense of explorative learning, pupils can work with written, image or item collections from the museum, solve problems presented to them themselves and deliver presentations by designing a small exhibition. Pupils work individually or in small groups and then present their findings together. The material is provided on a learning counter.

During tours of the monument landscape, pupils can discover the authentic grounds of the Peenemünde research facilities and therefore experience history actively and without media. In the museum there is a limited number of rental bicycles available.


Because of the heavy demand for education offers from the museum, early registration beforehand is advised. The pedagogical staff at the museum will be happy to help provide advice or answer any content-related queries.

School trips to the museum in the form of extracurricular learning are promoted by the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. You can find more information here: