External users can look at the inventory of the museum archive on-site. Prior registration for use is necessary. Many documents in the museum archive are unique copies that cannot be replaced if lost or damaged and that have been given to the HTM Peenemünde by employees of the former Peenemünde research stations of the army and Luftwaffe or those persecuted by the Nazi regime, or their families and other private people.

Careful handling of the sources in the archive is necessary to preserve them for future generations. The archive and its users are also obliged to protect copyrights, personality rights and other interests worth protecting of third parties.

To prepare for your personal use or if you would like some written information, you can send an informal request to the archive. This must include the topic and purpose of your research. You can use the post or fax, or even send an email.

If necessary, you will be asked for legal reasons to complete, sign and send back a formal “Application for Use” in the next stages of the process. Of course, you are free to download and use this Application for Use from the start. If you use it, you can send the application by post or fax, or scan it and send it via email. In this case, please attach an accompanying letter with further details of your request. Sending an Application for Use does not guarantee sufficient grounds for your query to be processed.

By signing the application for use, you are obliged to observe the regulations for use and fee regulations of the archive. If, upon your request, the archive itself carries out the research, this is generally subject to a fee (see Free Regulations for the Archive of Historisch-Technisches Museum Peenemünde GmbH).